Mararison Island

When a door closes, a new window opens - this is how the Mararison Island came to be! It wasn't really popular until typhoon Yolanda hit the island and devastated the livelihoods of the people living here. When relief operations began, they were bewildered on the...

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Tibiao, Antique

A municipality in Antique where the famous "Cawa" hot bathe originated. Enticed in it's mountaneous landscape and proximity to a fresh river source, this unique bathe will truly sooth thy soul and refresh those cringing muscles. And if you think that's about it -...

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Grace Island, Occidental Mindoro

Grace Island - a tiny island south of San Jose Mindoro featuring a unique style of accommodation and a nice blend of activities! The island itself is situated inside the larger cove of Ambulong Island and you'll never run out of ideas on what to do here! Definitely...

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Freediving at Sabang, Puerto Galera

If you still don't know it - Sabang (Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro) is the ultimate haven for free divers and scuba divers alike! For a full discussion and detailed information on Puerto Galera, refer to my blog about it here. Today is all about free diving! One...

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Laiya, Batangas

Batangas is one of the largest municipaloties in the Philippines and yet most of it is still part of the unknown. The coastal town of Laiya, San Juan is the less known destination when touring the province most probably because Anilao has taken the scuba diving spot...

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Maligcong Rice Terraces

The Cordillera Region never ceases to be amazing. On the municipality of Bontoc Mountain Province for instance; feature a myriad of adventures great for nature lovers and serenity seekers alike! It would be interesting to note that time crawls in this region and you...

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Kibungan Circuit

Kibungan - is a faraway municipality in the province of Benguet and quite popularly known as the Switzerland of the North. Known for it's long circuit trails that surround the province; it's gigantic walls of rock make it really jaw-dropping! Add to these the scenic...

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Boracay, the top hotspot in the Philippines and is popularly known through-out the world as one of the best islands to be in! But what's in it that makes it tick? What's so distinct about it that other islands in the PH don't have? Before the emergence of island...

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Danjugan Island

Danjugan. Fittingly an island of Life! I'm pretty lost in words describing how healthy the ecosystem in the island is. With a 43 hectare area rich in marine and terrestrial biodiversity, together with 3 major aquatic sanctuaries, grand limestone landscapes, and a deep...

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Sagay is a municipality east of Cadiz City and part of Northern Negros Occ. It boasts several reefs, mangroves, and marine sanctuaries. Island hopping on the area is still raw and you could even free dive to see a mayhem of giant clams! Tourism at Sagay, as of this...

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Burias Islands

Burias Islands - a collection of unique and stunning islets found in Burias Masbate. Burias is one of the 3 major islands of Masbate and has the closest land mass from mainland Luzon. It boasts its vivid rock formations and unspoiled white sand beaches. Having been to...

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Calaguas, the perfect beach paradise, is an island at Camarines Norte that raises the level of what white sand beaches really are. Blessed with a cove-like landscape, a wide area of white sandy beach, and a shallow shoreline gives way to surreal backdrops and crazy...

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Mt. Pinatubo

Mt. Pinatubo - an active volcano in the Philippines that embodies the rage and beauty of what nature is capable of. It's popularly known because of it's historical 1991 eruption which brought devastation to nearby towns and felt throughout the Philippines. That...

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Mt. Tapulao

Mt. Tapulao - a towering mountain with an elevation of over 2000masl, it is the tallest mountain along the Zambales mountain range. Geographically located on the western side of Luzon and part of Palauig municipality, it features yet another side of Zambales. Being...

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Sabtang Island

Sabtang Island. Located at the south-west region of Batanes Group of Islands, and smallest among the three major islands, Sabtang is considered to have a more ancient feel compared to Batan Island of Batanes. The island features not only the old Ivatan houses but also...

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Batan Island

Batanes. The Land of High Winds, the Island of Stones, and the Ireland of the Philippines - a few of many aliases not only depicting its surreal beauty, but also the lifestyle and culture of the Ivatan people. Geographically located at the northern tip of the...

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